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Doing a little sale on some of my Halloween-ish roaches! Limited time/quantities

Ghost porcelain roaches $10/20 small nymphs-also called chrome roaches, these have some unique coloration. Even the nymphs have interesting zebra-like colors. Nymphs cannot climb or fly. Adults can climb/fly, however I have rarely seen it, even while handling. They prefer to burrow or hide under bark. The patterns and colors make these popular pets, but would also make very enticing soft-bodied feeders.

Halloween hissing roaches $20/30 mixed size nymphs OR $10/1 adult pair- nymph through adult can climb, but they are softer/meaty hissers that my chameleons have enjoyed. They do not get as large as common hissers either. The color patterns and easy going nature make them popular pet roaches and/or feeders.

Death's head roaches $20/10 mixed size nymphs OR $25/1 adult pair- canNOT climb smooth surfaces or fly, so easy to keep from escaping. They are also FL legal! Nymphs look similar to discoids and are active and enticing. Adults have black wings with a creepy looking face(hence the name).

Shadow roaches $20/40 mixed sizes- jet black smaller roaches, adults are a little larger than crickets. The adults can climb, but the nymphs can't. All life stages prefer to stay burrowed other than to come up and eat. They are soft and make a nice cricket replacement. They are also parthenogenic; all females which breed without males...making it simple to start a colony.

As always, feel free to message me with any questions.

You can find the shipping info on my main ad here:
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