US Adults only or mixed Roaches for sale


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I have a surplus of adults in my colonies right now and I am trying to trim them down some to encourage new nymph growth. All of these need to be kept in bioactive enclosures.

Ember Roaches- mixed only (adults and nymphs) Non flying, non-climbing
10 adults/20 nymphs (1 available) 12.00 + shipping

Ivory roaches- adults only
Non flying, non climbing
15 adults (1 available)
14.00 +shipping

Striped burrowing roach (adults only)
Non flying, non climbing
10 adults (1 available)
12+ shipping

I ship mondays and tuesdays only. If you need coolpacks or heat packs let me know, i need to buy some so it may delay your order.

All my insects are raised on organic produce, 70% of it is from my own garden, and my bug chow.
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