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I'm happy to announce that we are finally building a new species database at Chameleon Forums. This is an exciting and ambitious project that will remain a major focus of the website for years to come.

The resource will include profiles for every chameleon species and the ability to efficiently modify the taxonomy tree when needed. This is being designed for the long term. Profiles will include photos, descriptions and relevant data approved by the experts. In addition to that the species database will be integrated with the forum itself allowing us to track experience and implement other creative ideas.

Suggestions and feedback will always be appreciated. The project will need help from the community to fully reach our goal of creating the best resource possible. If you want to track our progress then please follow this thread or check back occasionally.




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Status: Chameleon Photo Drive

We are beyond the initial planning stage and are currently working on version 1 of the resource. While that takes place we want to use this time to collect images for as many chameleon species as possible. You can see the numbers related to our progress here: species database.

If you want to donate a photo to the database please consider the following:
  • We can only accept images from the copyright owner. In most cases that is the photographer.
  • You retain ownership and full copyright of the images you submit. You are only granting Chameleon Forums the right to use your image(s) for this particular resource.
  • It is acceptable to have the copyright owner's name on the photo. We can assist if needed.

- When it comes to photos our goal is to collect a strong representation of each species. We are not looking to collect as many photos as possible. With that in mind, for various reasons we may not need a photo you submit. It's also possible that we may decide to replace an existing photo with one that we feel better represents the species.

How do I submit a photo to the database?
Photos can be submitted by email or gallery upload. For high resolution photos an email attachment works best. We will be tracking copyright and relevant info for each photo used in the database.

Gallery: Upload CSD Photos

Email Alternative: [email protected]

Needed Info:
1. Your name and/or username (copyright owner)
2. Your email (contact in case of copyright issues or requests)
3. Chameleon species
4. Notes - examples include age, sex, location in wild, gps coordinates or anything you find pertinent.

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Status: Volunteers Needed

This update is long overdue, but I'm happy to say that we have made great progress on the new chameleon database. A beta will be shared with the community this month and we're looking forward to making the resource a major focus of the website. If anyone is interested in getting involved we could use a few volunteers. If you can identify the genus of most species, and have worked with chameleons for several years, then we would love to hear from you. If you want to get involved but don't meet those requirements then please keep an eye on this thread. After the chameleon database goes live we will likely want to add a few additional enthusiasts to the team.

To inquire about volunteering please contact me by private message or email.
[email protected]


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