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I am honored to announce that @JacksJill is Chameleon Forums' new Website Manager. Jillian will lead the moderating team and help manage our efforts to improve the website. Maintaining a friendly environment is crucial to the long-term success of this community. Members need to feel welcomed. They also need to believe that our guidelines are enforced fairly and without bias. I believe Jillian is the right person for this position and that she will help lead the community forward.

We have big goals for Chameleon Forums and want the website to reach its full potential. While we work to achieve those goals Jillian is going to manage our efforts. By ensuring that we remain organized and focused our team will be more efficient and productive.

We are interested in your thoughts and ideas as we work to improve the website. If members want to offer feedback on how to improve the website, or if they want to get more involved with a site project, a good place to start is our feedback forum. Jillian will be monitoring it for your constructive criticism.
Congrats @JacksJill! 💗
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Thank you all for the well wishes. I'm honored.

In practice as a veterinary technician I really enjoyed the job of client education. I liked that if a person really understood why a pet needed X, Y & Z then they were more likely to see their pet got the treatment they needed and make better decisions about their care. Here we are all doing client education for each other to better help our and each others pets. I marvel at the exchange of ideas we have here as people with vastly different training and life experience come together to improve this hobby for the animals we care for so deeply. I appreciate that we can do it with respect for each other even when we have to just agree to disagree and wait for science to provide clarity. I look forward to helping with the continued success of this site as we work to reach it's full potential.

Let me thank you all in advance for being civilized human beings and making my job easy.
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