Buffie, the Sleeping Beauty!

Miss Lily

Chameleon Enthusiast
I got up this morning to find Buffie sleeping in her lily for the first time!:D I was so excited, and also happy that she feesl seure enough to sleep more in the open rather than completely hidden in her plant where she has slept every day since I got her a month ago! She looks almost pink when she sleeps! :D

What a cute photo! Aww she's adorable in her little lily. I miss having cresties when I read about your cuties! :D
I dunno Laurie, but I am really glad I do! She is just so small and cute! Splat is getting rather large now,bless him and she just seems so tiny after I've had him out!
They all look female to me, Guess its those 'Betty Boop' eyelashes. :D

Lol! The eyelashes are adorable, and Buffie is quite pink looking when she sleeps too! Joking aside - I know it's impossible to tell the sex just by looking at them at Buffie's age, but she does look female - she always did to me even in the shop! I had Splat's breeder look at pics of Buffie's rear end and she confirmed that she is indeed a girlie gecko! Woohoo! :D I will finally get to incubate some eggs next year! At least Buffie won't lay hundreds!:rolleyes:
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