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In recent weeks I've added to my chameleon and reptile bookshelves.

I though I would put up my books in hopes that other will be able to use the list, and perhaps members will suggest titles they value that I might have missed.

Chameleon specific:
'Chameleons - Nature's Master of Disguise' - Martin, J., photos by Wolfe, A.
'Chameleons - Their Care and Breeding' - Davison, L.
'Chameleons - Nature's Hidden Jewels' 2nd Ed., Necas, P.
Chameleons of Southern Africa' - Tolley, K., Burger, M.
'Chameleonidae' - Klaver, J. and Bohme, W.
'Panther Chameleon: Color Variation, Natural History, Conservation and Captive Management' - Ferguson, G. W.
'Guide de Cameleons de Madagascar' - Maynot, G., and A.

'Chameleon Handbook' - Le Barre, F. (1st and 2nd Ed.s)
'Chameleons: Johann Von Fischer And Other Perspectives' - Murphy, J., Moriarty, J.
'Chameleons in Captivity' - Dorval, C.
'General Care and Maintenance of True Chameleons' Parts I and II, De Vosjoli, P.
'Essential Care of Chameleons' - De Vosjoli, P.
'Care and Breeding of Chameleons' - De Vosjoli, P., Ferguson, G.
'Chameleons - A Complete Pet Owner's Manual' - Bartlett, R. and P.
'Chameleons - Volume 1' - Schmidt, w. et al
I also have most of the CINs, and a japanese publication with a great set of species profiles and habitat shots (I can't find a title translation) ISBN 947708-09-3.

More general Reptile:

'Thoughts for Food' - Abate, A., Edit.
'(A Field Guide to the) Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar' - 2nd and 3rd Ed.s - Glaw F., Vences, M.
'Encyclopaedia of the Terrarium' - Bruins, E.
'Reptile Keeper's Handbook' - Bernard, S.


'Reptile Medicine and Surgery' 2nd ed. - Mader, D. R.
'Biological and Surgical Aspects of Captive Reptile Husbandry' 2nd Ed. - Frye, F.
'Understanding Reptile Parasites' - Klingenberg, R.

I'm always interested in what other chameleon nerds have on their shelves.
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I think I heard a mention of one book yet never heard about the book any where else. Is there any field guide to reptiles of West Africa (Cameroon chameleons and other west African species)?

Sorry DGray has a thread about West African species books, I looked over that post and did not see that it was posted.

If there are any other books about West African reptile please post the names and authors?


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books on poisonous and toxic plants

Here is a list of some of the books I have, and refer to, when researching plant toxicity:

Toxicity of Houseplants
Spoerke, Susan C., Smolinske, David G.
CRC Press, 1990

International Poisonous Plants Checklist: An Evidence-Based Reference
D. Jesse Wagstaff
CRC Press, 2008

Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants
Lewis S. Nelson, Richard D. Shih, Michael Balick
New York Botanic Garden / Springer Science, 2007

Poisonous Plants: A Handbook for Doctors, Pharmacists, Toxicologists, Biologists and Veterinarians
Dietrich Frohne, Hans Jurgen Pfander, Patrick McKinney (Editor), Inge Alford (Translator)
Timber Press, 2005

Clinical Veterinary Toxicology
G. Lorgue, J. Lechenet, Jim Riviere
Wiley-Blackwell 1996

For nomenclature and ethnobotanical notes I rely on:

Mabberley's Plant-book: A Portable Dictionary of Plants, their Classifications, and Uses
Mabberley, David J.
Cambridge, 2008, 1987

I also have an extensive library of horticultural and botanical references. I cite them as they are used in answering a question.


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all Greek to me

Tell us what you think of that title when you have had a look through it. I never order anything from that country...

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Tell us what you think of that title when you have had a look through it. I never order anything from that country...

I'm not ordering the Russian book any time soon. I have got to many bills to pay and to catch up on. When I order a copy I can post a review although only if it is in English.


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I recently added:

'Chameleons of Africa: An Atlas, Including the Chameleons of Europe, the Middle East and Asia'
Colin Tilbury
Edition Chimaira 2010

This is a most excellent work and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

'Mind-Altering and Poisonous Plants of the World'
Michael Wink, Ben-Erik van Wyk
Timber Press 2008

This is also very well-researched and documented and deserves a high recommendation.


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Additional books added to my shelves

I recently added some more books on poisonous plants, the important one is:
'Toxic Plants of North America'
Burrows, G.E., & Tyrl, R.
Second Edition 2013

This is a very thorough and up-to-date reference, and huge (over 1300 pages), but very costly.

Also added
'Biology of Chameleons'
Tolley, K., & Herrel, A
Univ. of California Press 2013

I will join the discussion of this on another thread.

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I had an electronic conversation with whom to the best of my knowledge I think is the author of the Russian book and there is not plans to make an English copy. He says if an English copy is made he would sell one to me.


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Herp Related Texts

These are not chameleon oriented, but good for any herpetologist. "Texas Amphibians: A Field Guide", was written and photographed by my advisor and mentor Dr. Toby Hibbitts. "Amphibians and Reptiles of Texas: With Keys, Taxonomic Synopses, Bibliography, and Distribution Maps", written by Dr. Dixon and Hibbitts. Both great field guides for Texas herps if you live or are visiting Texas. "Herpetology" by Vitt is an excellent addition as well.
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