Blooming Corn Plant


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Hello everyone,

I came back from a 2 day trip and noticed a very faint sweet odor in my reptile room. I thought it was very strange but didn't want to turn the lights on as it would disturb my chams and boas. The next morning I didn't notice any odor. I was checking out my male Nosy Be and saw a strange looking ball of buds on a stalk coming from a corn plant. WOW! I've never seen these things bloom.

Around midnight the next night I went into the room and again noticed the sweet odor. I looked at the ball of buds and they all opened into tiny whitish pink flowers and they were emitting the sweet odor.

Has anyone else witnessed this? Is there any problem with the flowers being in the cage with the Cham?

Yes these are perfectly safe for your chameleon. If there was a veiled in your enclosure, they would have likely already been eaten :D


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That is so cool! If you can do it, without bothering your cham, I'd LOVE to see pictures of the flowers.


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Here are some pics of the blooming Corn plant. The flower clusters are very fragrant and seem to open at night and close during the day.

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