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can anyone tell me if this is normal. I have noticed a small black dot on one side of my female Vailed. The black dot seems to darken and almost disapear but still comes back. she has recently shed her skin this is when I first noticed it. any clue what this is?
Could be an internal problem. Chameleons show their condition through their skin (as I'm sure you know) and if there is internal problems it might cause it. Also if you pick her up and get got squeezed to hard that might have cuased it.
I have not handled her in over a month. this just happened, the spot is 1/8th of an inch it is a darker then all her other coloration. she has been eating normal 2 silkys 6 crickets today very active.
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Is the spot above the skin (growth)? Do you have any pictures of the spot? Are there areas in the cage where your cham could burn itself?
Its Not A Bump. It Seems To Be Fading A Little, It Also Seems To Be In A Area Where She Has A Few Other Grey Spots That Are On Both Sides Of Her. The Grey Areas Are Symetrical On Both Sides. Last Night I Could Bearly See It. Is It Possible She Has A Dark Spot Of Pigmentation That Is Just Alittle Darker Then The Rest Of Her Colors.
Is It Possible She Has A Dark Spot Of Pigmentation That Is Just Alittle Darker Then The Rest Of Her Colors.
It's possible. There may have been some kind of minor trauma as Kalibr mentioned above. I would keep an eye on it. Good to hear the spot is fading.
Now the dot has completely faded and she has begun another shed. she had just shed about 4 weeks ago is it normal to shed this soon after she has completed a shed?
She Seems To Be Young The Fact Is I Found Her Walking Down The Street I Have Had Her For Almost 5 Months So She Must Be Almost A Year Old.thanks For Your Help.
I Found Her Walking Down The Street
Are you serious? Do you suspect it was abandoned? Poor little cham :(

Your chameleon will shed more frequently while it is still growing. If the black spot comes back try and get some pictures. Others are much more experienced than I am and a photo can really help in diagnosing the problem.
yes I am serious! this was the begining of JAN. I was walking my dog when I spotted her on a small bush on the corner of a busy street. Lucky for her I live in LA and it was sunny and 70 degrees in Jan. I took her home and contacted as many cham. gurus I could My new cham. friend has 2 veiled and a Nosy B of his own he thinks she was 6 months old in Jan.. I have followed his advice she now lives a great life with silk worms and crikets out the kazoo and a window with direct sunlight. I wonder how long she would have made it if I had not rescued her? ......well the black dot is gone and a shed has begun, she has learned to use the sticks and the screen to clear the dead skin off her face. I can tell she is not to happy about the flap of dead skin on her nose it should be all off her face by tonight. thanks
interesting, i have the same problem with my cham. I got a Female Nosy Be Pather. She has a dark spot o her side, it doesn't seem to be bothering her all that much, my guess is that it will go away when she sheds next, which will be pretty soon...
You probably already know this, but just in case--glass filters out UVB. Even though your cham may get direct light, you need to supplement with a UVB bulb or give your cham light from outside a few times a week.

(A mistake I see a lot with my new reptile owners.)


P.S. It was obviously fate that brought you two together.
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