best present I ever got


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hi everyone,

here is my birthday gift from a member of this forum...

now tell me that is not the best toy a grown man could ever get!!!!

( get your nind out of the gutter Syn :p )

I wish I was going to the big reptile show in Cali so I can get more junk like this...oh, and maybe see Kevin so he can show off his new misting system to me. after all, I do need a few extra parts and maybe a new system for a T. Deriminsis baby or 2. ;)

oh well. reptile show or babies....hmmm, babies it is. :D
one year I promiss to come out west to say hi to everyone.



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Hey I didn't get a whole system, but i did get get a bunch of parts from Kevin and they worked well with my mist king. Since he is in the US, I got them in 2 days and I really needed them.
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