Best place to buy bins(airtight) for bugs?


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I need to upgrade some bins and add a few, I've gone to the container store in the past, but their prices tend to be pretty high. Was wondering if there were cheaper places? Home depot/lowes/etc have good prices, but they don't have much to choose from and never any with the foam seal for climbing/flying species. Anywhere online or other stores to check out? Or is container store the best option?
Made mine for super cheap bought a grill meant for the outside of a house vent works perfectly to not get to hot with the heat lamp but also get great airflow just used flex glue to hold it down but I’m sure hotglue would work fine



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Yeah I was going to say target as well. The Sterilite bins. I have a few of the smaller size and they seal really well.
I recently swapped over to the ones with locking handles to prevent escapes and they cut easy to hot glue a screen to for airflow. I'm over very pleased
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