Anyone get a pic like this ?


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Told my girlfriend i’d give her 10$ if she could get my little girl out her enclosure and I got a pic of her hissing.

( She gets handled like once or twice a month at most. I’m the only person to ever hold her or interact with her until my girlfriend got her lol )

I think this picture is pure gold


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Probably be better off saving $10 and if you wanted to have her hold your veiled you could have gotten him out for her. I would worry that she would get startled and accidentally hurt the chameleon in the process.

So you are out ten bucks now. Serves you right :p...


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This is why I can never have a vacation. My husband and daughter can not handle the wrath of Scary Terry.
You shouldn’t make other ppl handle your chameleon ... but since you asked about photos...
I have this photo of T from the vet and I know he is trying to look ferocious but he’s failing. Even though he was having a crap day and is rightfully in a bad mood I can’t help it, it’s my favorite photo of him.
For the record though, as much as I love this photo I wouldn’t want him to be this upset again and yours either so from now on only contented happy photos.
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for anyone wondering i do not like putting her under any stress at all which is why i rarely handle her and ileave her be in her cage to do her thing

My girlfriend was carefully instructed on how to handle her and put her back 30 seconds after.

Just wanted to see everyone else’s hissing pictures
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