Another My first! He's here! Message of pure delight!


:D Really you have to hear my squeal of delight! No? Ok, well then, I'll just say that at long last I have the pleasure of giving a forever home to ...
well, uh, he is as yet unnamed. For having indulged my fancy I am giving naming rights to my wonderfully :cool: husband who is not home from work yet and who has had to endure countless text messages and pictures which I won't embarrass myself by copying here.

But he is here!!!! :D Really you have no idea how excited I am. My husband and children mock me. :eek: lol

My handsome little fellow crawled out onto my hand, took stock of me and the surroundings, slowly made his way up my arm as if to ask what else is here. He walked right into his viv and took a casual stroll about and over the course of the afternoon he has dined on a few crix. From my hand!! Sated his thirst and is currently basking.

Formerly "Deadleg" out of Pixel and Piggy, - Thank you Dr. O of Tie Dyed Chameleons for trusting me with this handsome guy!


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Wow he looks great! I just got my first a week or so ago so I know how if feels :D Definitely keep us updated with pics and a name :) How old is he?
Great pickup! You can't go wrong with Dr. O's Chams. How old is he?

I will be looking forward to more pics as he settles in and shows you his fired up colors :D
I believe he is about 8 months? lol I guess I didn't ask but when his pic was up in the classifieds with others it said 7-8 mo.

And Thank you! :)
Wow, he looks exactly like my guy. Tripped me out, he has the same colors as my guy basking. Does he yellow up when he sleeps?\

"rephrase" Those
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