Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread


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Well, if my perpetual winter ever ends, I will finally get MY two babies from Jann and post some pics. It snowed again last night. Ugh! This winter will never end. Btw, I got two new 2x2x4 cages from fosters and Smith for 54 bucks each. What a steal!
That IS a steal! How did you get so lucky?


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Alright, jann requested I post my new addition on here but I have been slacking haha.

This is a picture of Ellear (el-e-heir) when he arrived on Thursday. He is absolutely sweet as can be and I am so excited to have him with me. View attachment 203327
I have not weighed him yet but Jann had weighed him recently where he was 14 grams!
How about an update on little Ellear? ❤️


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Here's me illegally posting in a topic I have not business in!
(If I were in 'murica I would probably have been part of this club!)

I can imagine it's pure joy to @jannb to see her babies end up in loving homes and here she'll get plenty of updates.;)
That's why I created the thread! And that way, we can all see our babies' siblings progress and keep in touch!
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