Ambanja 9 1/2 mo old pics


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Well Boomer's hatchdate is somewhere between the 27th and the 5th of the month so I say he is getting close to 10 months old in the next week or two. I just love this guys bars! So deep bluish/purple with a mix of red.


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there seems to be a problem with the husbandry -- this animal is simply too stunningly beautiful to be a normal, healthy Ambanja ;) looks to have that amazing color syndrome that some Kammers' chameleons are prone to.
What a beautiful Ambanja! Those colors just glow.
Do you have plans on breeding him?

Maybe at some point. I mean, I would let someone use him to breed but I do not want to get involved with breeding myself. And I would only wanna do it locally, because I would not ship him anywhere. He is just a youngster himself right now, but I am sure he would go for it if he saw a female!
They grow up way to fast. Boomer is absolutely gorgeous! I just love him and will have to come for a visit and see him sometime.
Gimme! Gimme! I must have such a beautiful boy!:D I might have asked before, but what blood line is he from?
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