??Accuracy of dual thermometer & Hydrometer??

Solid Snake

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Analogue gauges are widely regarded as inaccurate, and slow to adjust to changing variables. This makes them unideal.

Shawn Raquel

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Thats what I was thinking, dang it you cant believe anything you read online! Do you have a brand of digital you suggest?


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I use the same exact one just for a general ideal. I don't really trust it. I tend to rely on what the cham does and adjust accordingly.


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Digital thermometers are more accurate but I have found digital hygrometers are worse! They often need resetting which the dial ones do not. They may be slow to adjust but I have actually found them better. I don't monitor humidity levels anyway now but when I did the hygrometers would show all sorts of inaccurate reading.

Shawn Raquel

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We have good relative humidity in Portland, I have had no previous issues with my humidity or heat in the past using the same set up, I just want a good idea doesn't have to be exact, not like I have babies or anything. Thank you guys so much for the advise!


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Anyone have this deal, just got it yesterday, was attracted to the size and the velcro, it but I wonder about its accuracy!? Thoughts please!
I have 4 of those u can have free!!! I put them in the exact same location at the same time and all showed different readings ( VERY DIFFERENT ) :mad:
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