A Rare Occurrence


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Just need to vent a bit.

I just returned from doing some errands and ran into a fellow chameleon owner. A rare occurrence in my city. Got to talking about chameleons, and asked if they were a part of the forums.

Their response was they thought so, but everyone on there is so rude.

I didn't go any further and saw pictures of their chameleon and enclosure very briefly. They owned other reptiles, spiders and scorpions. I suspect they were someone who came in thinking they knew everything, got corrected in areas that were lacking and interpreted it as rude due to their experience with other reptiles.

The only time I've seen people get rude here is either when people jump to conclusions or when someone thinks they are doing everything right because that is what their breeder or pet store recommended and refusing to budge.

Mind you the person in question also noted that wearing bright colors seemed to annoy the Male Veiled chameleon they owned. In my experience, no chameleon is a fan of someone wearing neon colors.


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You're in canada right? Was probably @kinyonga. She's known trouble around here.
I hate to burst your bubble but Canada isn't the size of a state lol

Last I checked @kinyonga is located in the Canmore region, I'm going off memory. I'm a few 100 kilometres east in Calgary lol

All seriousness though, I've noticed a lot of people who consider the forums rude are people who also think water fountains are a good idea in a chameleon's enclosure or experienced in other reptiles. IMO though other reptiles are a fair deal different than chameleons, one of my friends who has had reptiles for ages, has struggled with keeping chameleons.


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In all fairness, this is the internet and since you’re reading what someone is writing, it is impossible to know their tone.

This site is definitely better than Facebook groups by a mile. A lot of Facebook groups are admin worshipers and no one else can answer a question and don’t you dare disagree with them or you’re out. This is part of the reason I took a break from the hobby- too much drama when all I want to do is talk about reptiles and help others learn


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I must admit that when I first joined there were a few that came off as rude with a know it all attitude but those few don't seem to chime in much anymore. Sometimes you get those from another site that just like to cause trouble but all in all its a great forum.
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