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I am new to the breeding of chameleons so I got a cuople of questions. I have a 8 month old nosybe female and have attemptng to mate her. I have tried 2 adult males with her. They were intrested flaring up and bobing their heads. She is not intrested and hisses at them both. When I first got her she was a bright orange color but now she is dark with orange. Im just wondering if she is ready or why she has dark colors now.thanks
Were you watching them the whole time...it sounds like she may be gravid. Could they have possibly mated with her without you seeing?
Im pretty sure they didnt mate , It has been three weeks since they have been together also. They were with each for about 2days.
So you didnt watch them the whole time?...Sounds like she has her gravid colors going and you better get a bucket ready for her to lay eggs.
Yesterday she was at the bottom of the cage for a while. I have some soil in a large dish for her and a potted plant.
You need a huge bucket for her to dig. They usually dig down as much as 12 inches. Personally i use one of those home depot orange buckets with dampened play sand. You need to get this in there right away. If shes wanting to lay eggs and you dont have something for her to dig in then she could become egg bound.
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heres da female.The only lumps i see on her are 2lumps on each side by the hind legs. I put a bucket with soil with her thats deep enough.


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