7 month old female panther chameleon size


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Hi everyone,

I have some questions about the size that my female 7 month old panther chameleon should be at. She is a super picky eater will only eat her crickets and flies. She looks healthy no weird symptoms I’m just really concerned about her size she seems so small compared to my past chameleons even tho she’s eating fine. This photo I took her out to look her over so she has stressed colours normally she is bright pink. Is this size normal for a 7 month old female panther chameleon?????


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Awww she's super tiny. I'm still pretty new to the chameleon world and by no means an expert but she looks a lot younger than 7 months. If you need a comparison size I'll put up a picture of my approximately 7 month old, at her yet visit about a month ago she weighed 75 grams and was 9.44 inches from nose to vent.


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