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Chameleon Forums Heart Awards

The Chameleon Heart award is given annually to a member who has, in one way or another, contributed greatly to the forum community. There are many people who sacrifice their time to help others at Chameleon Forums and the community is a much better place because of it. All of these people truly deserve recognition and it's unfortunate that the award can't be given to everyone who contributes.

2009 - Sandrachameleon
The 2009 award was given to Sandrachameleon. Her blog is a priceless resource that all chameleon enthusisasts should follow. It's filled with information on chameleon husbandry and nutrition, and even includes a food diary. Sandra still updates her blog regularly.

2010 - Kinyonga
The 2010 award was given to Kinyonga. She is a very experienced keeper who is often seen helping new members. Kinyonga frequently offers unbiased insight within discussions and seems to have a library of sources to provide on almost any serious chameleon related topic.

2011 - Trace
A 2011 award was given to Trace. She is a very experienced keeper and has been a moderator at Chameleon Forums for many years now. It's a tough job that never truly gets much recognition. Trace is also one of the current dev leaders of the species database and helped to develop the Chameleon Care Resources.

2011 - ferretinmyshoes
A 2011 award was also given to ferretinmyshoes. She is a veterinarian who has contributed a lot of time helping others and trying to make the forums more organized and helpful for new chameleon owners. She is also the current dev leader of the Chameleon Care Resources.

The 2012 award is being given to two people.

Jannb is a long established member who throughout the years has spent a tremendous amount of time helping other members in need. She truly loves chameleons and it shows. Jann is also well known for her photography skills and if you are an established member at Chameleon Forums you probably know her animals by name. Thank you, Jann, for all your contributions to the community and for helping to make this a friendly place for all chameleon enthusiasts.

Chris Anderson is well known among chameleon circles and we are truly fortunate that he is a member of our community. He is currently one of the leading academic researchers working with chameleons and his knowledge of chameleon taxa is matched by few, if any. If a new species has been identified you can bet that Chris Anderson can tell you about it. He is definitely an authoratative and influential presence in the community. Chris was actually one of the first members of Chameleon Forums back in 2005 and since then has continously answered questions and attempted to educate others. He currently helps moderate the forums and offers his expertise in the chameleon identification section. Thank you, Chris.

Thank you, Chris and Jann, for your contributions to Chameleon Forums and the chameleon community in general.


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Thankyou Jann and Chris for all you have contributed to the forums :) your help and experience is truly invaluable and I can't think of anyone more deserving!


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Congratulations to you both!! both of you are very deserving of this award, glad to see you get it! Thank you so much for all the knowledge and kindess you have contributed to this forum :D


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Congrats to you both!! :) Thank you both for your contributions to the forum and making it the great place that it is!


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Congratulations Jann and Chris! Thank you both so much for making CF the great place it is. And thank you both so much for providing me with information to keep my chameleon alive and healthy!



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this is soooo awesome, i think it's wonderful to acknowledge those that have gone above and beyond to help and educate us all!!!!!!!
thank you soooooo much Jann ;) and Chris!!!!! you both have done just that and definitely deserve it!!!!!


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I would be hard pressed to think of 2 members who deserve this award more that you do. Congrats on 2 well-deserved awards, you both are truly valuable members here I can honestly say that I've learned so much from each of you. Thank you for your continued contributions to the forum and the future of cham-keeping!


Congratulations Jann!!:D You have helped me and so many other members on the Forum. Thank you for your helpful blog and post and I'm glad I got to meet you and all your guys.:)


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Thank you for the award Brad. I'm so busy right now with my work at H &R Block and taking care of my aging pets that I haven't had as much time to log on lately. A big thank you to all for the nice comments. It really means allot to me.

A big congrats to you Chris. I must say I feel a little uncomfortable being in the same thread and receiving the same award as you. I don't know how many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Chris but he is such an awesome person. Every time I see him at reptile shows and seminars he always allows me to pick his brain. Thank you Chris for sharing your knowledge with us all.
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Wow! What a great honor for the two of you! Congrats and thanks for all that you contribute to CF! Cheers to Chris and Jann!
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