15 month old male BB Ambilobe- must sell :( $200

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I am extremely sad to post this sale, But I am working out of town 5 days a week, for the next several months... I am not able to care for properly or even enjoy my chameleon like I used to.

I purchased the six month old chameleon from Chams NW in april 2010. He is about 14-15 months old now. I have never had any health issues thus far, and have him on a staple diet of crickets and roaches( when he decides he likes them), and consistently include butter worms, hornworms(his absolute favorite), silk worms, super worms, and phoenix worms. I also have an unused bottle of reptaid, that I'm glad i never needed to use.

I'm in seattle and would prefer to sell/adopt him to someone locally. I want someone who really is dedicated to proper care. I feel bad enough that I'm not able to keep Him. This sale includes everything. I have a huge custom cage, lights, dripper, live plants, hand sprayer, vitamins, colony of roaches, cricket keeper, cricket crack, silk worm food, reptaid, etc.

Im asking $200, and I consider it to be more of an adoption fee than a sell price, but if you feel it is not fair... I'm willing to discuss that with a serious buyer.


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I'm sorry I didn't get back to everyone who inquired about the cham, in a timely manner. I did have several requests to ship, but as it turns out, my schedule has changed for the better, and I will be able to care for him from now on. I'm excited to be keeping him, and I'm also sorry for letting down the people who were genuinely interested.

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