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  1. Unravel


    Peewee... Machakos Jackson’s 1st shed.
  2. Jay Sick

    3 1/2 month old Jacksonii jacksonii for sale

    CB male ambilobe ybbb/rbrb 3 month old listed is lineage grand father, father, and father on mothers side this guy is gonna be amazing. $175 plus ship 973 563 9097 also have a female same age available
  3. P

    Baby jackson's sleeping during the day

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - T. jacksonii xantholophus, group of 1.2, I've had them for 2 days now. Handling - Only to put them inside the cage. Feeding - Small cricekts, tommorow I'll get pinhead crickets and pea lices. Supplements - I haven't suplemented them yet. Watering - Automatic...
  4. studio2eight

    How much to sell babies for?

    I've successfully raised my first 'clutch' of Jackson's. They are currently 5 months old and ready for new homes, except I have no idea what to price them at. Does anyone know what they are going for? I would like to sell them privately to make sure they all get good homes.
  5. studio2eight

    Experienced Jackson's Keepers - Opinions Needed

    After reading another thread on care for young Jackson's yesterday - I realized I didn't have my guy's enclosure set up correctly. I immediately got the extras I was missing and re-did his cage. I would greatly appreciate some of your opinions to make sure I have everything he needs...
  6. J

    how do you Sex baby t.j.jacksonii?

    Xanth females generally have no horns and meru females generally have none or one. But t.j.jacksonii females have 3 so I have researched how to tell males and females apart as babies and can not get a good answer. At what age are males horns obviously bigger than the females? Can they be...
  7. jessica

    Pictures of my new baby Jackson!!!

    This is Hyde, he is one of the cutest little guys ever!! Look at his little horns, how can I not be head over heels in love with this guy :cool:
  8. Debmonster

    Jackson babies @ 2 months - no shed yet?

    My little dudes/dudettes are heading into their 3rd month without a shed. Is that okay? Humidity hovers between 60 to 70%. Does anybody have pictures of 2 or 3 month old Jackson babies?? Thanks, Debs
  9. M

    baby jacksons

    :)i just had 17 baby jacksons a month ago they been doing great.. i live in hawaii and was wondering when is a good time to seperate them? any one in hawaii interested in some feel free to comment me....looks like there is more males than females, how long before they take on any green color?
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