1. J

    More pics of our new Ambanja

    We got this guy last week from Chamcapture, originally raised by VeiledChams, I believe his sire is Thor from Kaleidoscope Chameleons. He's a stunner, and only 9-10 months old. Still working on a name. Ideas welcome.
  2. vinniem1210

    Mitsio, Faly, Be, Ambanja!!

    Here are pics of several of my amazing males. Hope you enjoy!
  3. SageZA

    Sage's Chameleon Photo Thread 2011

    Hi Guys I have two threads were i have updated you guys. I would like to create this one with all my chameleons in one place :D The Old thread with Very nice Juv pics check it out ---->
  4. snipeusa14

    ambanja or nosy be

    i was sold this at the Daytona breeders expo as a nosy be but iv been looking at some pic's and it looks to me like an ambanja need help please
  5. chametc

    Male Panther Breeders

    Hi, Here are some recent photos of my male Panthers. 1) Sampson - Nosy Be 2) Amadeus - Ambanja 3) Asmodeus - Ambanja 4) Sir Gal-A-Had - Ambilobe 5) Sir Lance-A-Lot - Ambilobe
  6. thacarter

    Ambanja Photoshoot (Lots of Pics!)

    My cousin came over the other day and took some sweet shots of Marshall for his portfolio (My cousin's - not Marshall's haha). There are about a million shots but these are some of the best.
  7. poker01619

    His first 7mo WOW

    I goy this little guy around new years. Check out his baby pic and how he is now.:cool:
  8. poker01619

    My new Purple Bar Ambanja

    I got this guy from the reptile super show in san diego. I was like third in line, and made sure I got the first shot a something amazing. And I did A 8mo purple bar ambanja. I've been looking for one of these guys for tooooo long. :D:D
  9. CleanLineChameleons

    Pics of an Ambanja

    Just a couple pictures from this weekend of one of my WC Ambanjas. -chris
  10. Incubus' ready for some breakfast

    Incubus' ready for some breakfast

  11. Incubus seems to be judging the height of his new standpoint

    Incubus seems to be judging the height of his new standpoint

  12. Right after a tasty cricket

    Right after a tasty cricket

  13. My pretty boy

    My pretty boy

  14. Incubus keeps a watchful eye for the big scary camera

    Incubus keeps a watchful eye for the big scary camera

  15. Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    This is my Ambanja panther Fruit Loops. I got him from Chamalot Chameleons. In his older years he has gone from a green and blue to a orange and blue. He really is spectacular. Both these photos are the same animal. :-)
  16. Duke The Ambanja

    Duke The Ambanja

  17. Kaepernick Firing

    Kaepernick Firing

    WC Ambanja Kaepernick Firing his awesome array of colors :-)
  18. Good Morning You Goober!

    Good Morning You Goober!

    Goober before going outside :)
  19. Bonsai's Blue Baby

    Bonsai's Blue Baby

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