Sage's Chameleon Photo Thread 2011


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Hi Guys

I have two threads were i have updated you guys. I would like to create this one with all my chameleons in one place :D

The Old thread with Very nice Juv pics check it out ---->









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If I may ask when they are outside, how do they keep bugs and such off them? I find it hard too spot a red bug every now and then..Is it shower time afterwards?


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If I may ask when they are outside, how do they keep bugs and such off them? I find it hard too spot a red bug every now and then..Is it shower time afterwards?

Good point i should actually check it out, i know what you talking about its those little red bugs. Though i have not seen them around my place but i dont normaly let him walk around on grass and ground. It was just to take a few pics. Ill be updating cages etc and the baby female panther.


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Updated Pics from the Weekend

Howzit Guys

These are pics from the weekend and i have finally added a new addition.

Here name is Roxy and she is a female ambanja panther. She is to small to take proper photos.

Jimbo in the morning sun :) Loves his large Reptibreeze


Some of the cages outside


Roxy's Setup


And Finally her she is very small.


And just another pic of Jimbo inside the house



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Howzit Guys.

Just an update from the weekend. Lovely weather. Had the 5 week old female panther out side a little to boost her :) She is looking so healthy and eating and drinking well.






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After work pics

After work pictures yesterday :)

This spring thing in SA is doing it for this guy.

I like his bars and im thinking they going to be red like his dads



And just a pic of the rest of the screen cages, funny how when ever he hits the sun that blue goes crazy, must be my camera.


I got a batch of silkies today :) they enjoyed the munch this afternoon.


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Video Clip on the female panther

Here is a vid for you guys of the 4 week old female gave her a liitle fright but she is fine :)



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Rocco is a very handsome veiled! Jimbo is handsome as well. I love his blue. Congrats on little Roxy. She is adorable. They look to be really enjoying their outside time. My guys here love going out. Thanks for the pictures and updates.


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Hey. Hes looking good, hopefuly he gets some orange or red between his blue bars like mine and Pauls males.

Im still waiting for Panthers to hatch. Finaly getting in contact with my mate tomorrow and might hear of new plans, could be new panthers coming along and probably a new shipment of jacksons.
Panthers should be crosses, but males will turn out like NOTHING seen in S.A before, Im thinking of getting a male or 2.

I also have baby veileds, they getting quite big, remember I spoke about them a while ago? So if you're looking for a female veiled(s) for your boy let me know.
These females should grow up to be quite big and their parents are not siblings :rolleyes:


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Hey Guys thanks for stopping by :D Thanks for the comments appreciate it.

Check this out LOL LOL LOL.

You want a piece of me garden lizard !!!!!!

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