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    2012 Reptile Super Show - Pomona

    Rafael come say hi to me! Anne
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    Reptile Super Show?!!

    Not only am I going.... But I am vending RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!! You are gonna be sick of me by the end of the week :) Anne
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    B. tranvaaslense after a little over a month

    I am so happy for all of you, I don't think better parents could be found than the group that got this very special shipment. Laurie I love your detailed info! I have been stupid busy lately and haven't had a moment to catch my breath, much less chat. I hope you are well :) Things should slow...
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    Happy Birthday SonTigerPantherCham!!!!!!

    Thank you Laurie :) we aren't old!! Still ummm, 26, right?? Suzi, going to Casitas, you and Austin wanna join us?
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    Happy Birthday SonTigerPantherCham!!!!!!

    Omgosh! Thank you all so much! Suzi you are so cute to start this so early! Yay! Even older than I was :) For my birthday I am taking my son to a super cool water park!
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    Orange tiny balls around poop

    Just an off the cuff, random thought. Is he eating crickets than are gut loaded with carrots? Could the orange balls just be tiny pieces of undigested carrot? Told you it was random :) Anne
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    dam chameleon/great lake hornworms...

    Me too Weird they won't ship I thought
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    California or Florida, or ???

    Go with Florida My family moved to California in 1848, seem to be stuck here :) Too many nice people, great winter weather, awesome scenery. So i think Florida is for you...and close! You would have lots of great Cham people close by
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    dam chameleon/great lake hornworms...

    Livingstonlizardlounge only sells worms to local pickup. Which is great for NorCal members :)
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    Could I Trust This Website?

    I sent you a pm about going to fauna's BOI
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    Favorite movie(s)?

    My favs.. Silence of the Lambs Seven I've always wondered about those choices :p
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    Privacy question

    Patrick, if you take the screws out (one at a time) put the plastic over the hole, replace screw, gives a tight look and eliminates even the need for tape :) Anne
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    New member

    Hi Gary!, I'm sure you already know this ... but this forum is an amazing group of people and an immeasurable amount of wealth in terms of knowledge and experience. So welcome and beware, the first order of business is always.... Pictures!!! Any questions, feel free to ask anne
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    dam chameleon/great lake hornworms...

    Don't bother with coastal silk west. She has only had worms one week in more than 3 months. Great Lakes is pretty much your only chance these days. They do a great job, but remember to ask for more food than they supply, I always run out of food and have to way overfeed so i don't waste them...
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    My cage setup?

    I like your cage, it might be because I am looking at your pic from my phone, a little more light would really brighten it up and your Cham may be a little more active(not saying he isn't already) Either a linear or LED, maybe a incandescent at an angle? From what I see I like the ficus, vines...
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