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    Sleeping on the floor...

    i took him to the vet the first time he did well after the 1st few days he looked all better :D and was for month(s) but now he looks differ than the first time he was ill. i do not knw what it could be...:/
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    Sleeping on the floor...

    alright you guys its been about 8 hours since i posted this and now i am home my chameleon is in the same place from where i last saw him! i took him out of his cage and he cannot walk normal!!! :O why is that? he can't pick up himself and he tries to crawl. what is wrong with him!?
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    Sleeping on the floor...

    Yeah what the title says! today i woke up like i do everyday. i could not find my chameleon i sprayed water like i do, i saw him climbing up the cage. he was sleeping at the bottom of the cage.... he had/has never done this... is this ok? i know he did not fall because yesterday at night he...
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    Ps2 Memory card help!

    hi i lost my ps2 memory card when i got my ps3, i bought Kingdom hearts but cannot play it on my ps3 (not compatible) i wont be able to go to the store until thurs. is there any way i can save my data file onto the flashdrive? i have the slim ps2. if so please let me know! i do not want to play...
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    Bean Bag Chair!

    you can get fill almost anywhere! on ebay it s pretty cheap! 2.4 square ounces for like 4 bucks! and 4.5 square ounces for 8! pretty cheap!
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    Bean Bag Chair!

    thanks! :]
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    Bean Bag Chair!

    awww i want one of those only my niece has one like that but the frame is metal and the chair itself is furry, she got it from walmart long long ago! it has been 4 years and it is still in great shape! but i do not know if they still sell them or what they are called. like i said it looks like...
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    Bean Bag Chair!

    Hi i am looking to buy a bean bag chair! i hear those are really comfortable and either way i have always wanted one sooo bad! the problem is i do not know how big i should get it sincei do not know what the right size is for me! i am 19 yrs old and of course i am not a child anymore! :] i...
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    My chams won't eat the roaches

    this is the problem i have with my cham. eating super worms! he ignores them even when they hang from the ceiling of the cage! he eats everything else, yesterday i fed him for the first time 3 dragonflies and he ate all three just like tht!
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    A few Q's

    Sorry about that...:P ok so the last time i saw him eat was sun. he ate 2 crickets. on saturday was the last day he ate like he usually does, which was about 6 crickets. he usually eats 4-6 crickets daily or so i think he does unless the crickets escape! about 2 crickets end up drowning though...
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    A few Q's

    Alright so my cham is shedding his skin. i have not seen him eat, just drink water. i started to feed him super worms but he only ate 1! (that i know of) the others i put in there he simply ignores and as for the crickets they are roaming in the cage freely and i really have not seen him eat one...
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    y viled started shedding today! when i got home form work his dead skin from his feet was hanging and peeling looked painful, what i did was spray warm water and he loved it because he ran towards it! he never done that before he always runs AWAY! anyhow i saw him walking on a bark and rubing...
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    Is Crawling Ivy Okay?

    Yes ivy is poisonous..:/ so bad idea but you can hang a pathos at a corner and it will do the same thing you want the ivy to do...only it will not climb but hang downward! plus the chams love pathos! what i do to keep humidity in is put a towel behind the cage and it keeps the humidity in for a...
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    I am frustrated with this issue

    You've probably heard this lots of times by now! but ill say it once more :] do not use any more powder calcium, that should only be given 1 time a month or at the most 2! if your cham. gets natural sunlight the calcium d3 can get eliminated!
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    Sobe Update :]

    sorry kiny. i forgot about that post reply, i am so out of it right now i am really focused on getting him well. again i apologize, since i am convinced he is dehydrated since most people say he is :[. yesterday was the last day i saw him drink water. today i have not
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