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    My husband made me a chameleon Christmas light.

    Holy smokes! That is amazing. Looks like the one time when I tried to do needle point work. Then I read in small print, "An experienced person that does needle point knows their work will look similar on the back to the front." Um, mine looked exactly like the back of that light display...
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    Chamaeleo vs Trioceros

    My favorite is Trioceros cristatus. :)
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    Bumper stickers

    This one could be used on many people I have seen. :rolleyes:
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    I am a Microbiological Quality Control Safety Test Specialist for a phamacutical company. We do injectable phamacuticals such as the Anthrax vaccine, H1N1 vaccine, and Venom sting kits for example.
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    Some Random Shots ~~~~~~

    Great pictures! However for more practice, I am pretty sure the bullies would like to be models. :D
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    Use search : Need a reason?

    The search feature can also prevent you from looking like a twit, by asking stupid questions and posting threads that have already been answered a billion times. Public embarrassment in my book is not a bonus. ;)
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    Blue Crown Conure :)

    Wonderful! I do a ton of work with our local parrot rescue. We currently have 2 blue crown in the house. I have to say they are by far the best talkers in the house out of all the birds. They are adorable little clowns. Glad to hear about your new addition, and I can't wait to hear more...
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    New Bully.

    Just stating true facts. If you choose to not want to be educated about your new dog, that is your choice. Sorry for trying to inform you of facts that concern your new pet. Enjoy your pup. ETA: Yes, you did state it was rare by the way:
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    All my critters!

    Good looking dogs! Well, and Flea too, lol. What's your quakers name?
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    New Bully.

    I hate to see people get sold on a dog by a back yard breeder stating certain traits are "rare" when they are not. Blue eyes in a Bulldog is not good nor is it rare. It is totally against the standard of the breed and some of these dogs are deaf. The Olde English Bulldogge and American Bulldog...
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    x-rays of a female that will not lay.

    Are you planning on having a follow up x-ray to see if the calcified spot is gone as well? I think I would just out of curiousity, and to prevent future issues it may cause. I am glad to hear she finally dropped them for you and surgery was not needed.
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    New Bully.

    Just so you are aware, in "Old" English Bulldogs, blue eyes are not "rare", but a trait that is not desired. Blue eyes are a recessive gene that they are trying to breed out. I wish more people would do extensive research before being sold on what "breeders" tell them. Good luck with your...
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    T8 is ticking me off!

    We have multiple Walmarts in town and one of them sells them. Might wanna check most of them out if you have more than one. :confused:
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    CH male K. tavetana.

    Wow, I can't believe how much he keeps changing over time. He looks awesome! Oh, and I think your pictures keep getting better too! :p
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    Weekend photoshoot!

    The chicks are cute of course, but the frenchie will always be my favorite. :D
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