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    How To make Potho's Freindly.

    Try to find a big hanging pothos or two and hang them. You can train the hanging vines around your branches and they grow fast. Good place to start in my opinion.
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    Giving roaches too much room?

    Oops wrong roach, sorry!
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    Giving roaches too much room?

    One other thing, most people align the egg crates vertically rather than stacking so that all the poop falls to the floor instead of piling up in the egg crates.
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    Giving roaches too much room?

    Dubia roaches give live birth, no eggs to worry about.
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    Another bug question: Dubias

    Yes, a number of videos on YouTube using different sized holes in buckets or trays. Search "sorting dubia" on youTube.
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    Update of my gang

    Love (what I assume are) the Final Fantasy names :)
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    Unusual mark on the side of male panther

    A vet visit will be in order. Could be a variety of things from a bite from a feeder to a fungus and more. Check out my blog link below. My chameleon has something like this we've been battling, diagnosed as skin cancer. :( My Cham is currently slowly healing from having the growths removed...
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    Opinions on outdoor enclosure

    Looks really nice. Great idea to have the platform area for shade underneath and storage on top.
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    How to keep mistking water inside enclosure??

    I think it really comes down to playing with the nozzle angle and having lots of foliage. I know exactly what you mean with it building up on the side of the screen, I managed to mostly solve it with plant and water source placement. Still get some water outside here and there, but very little...
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    Chameleon Skin Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)

    Thanks as always Ferret. I had the same thought about cancerous cells in the area. We'll see what the vet here and his colleague have to say and one way or another, I'll be getting some silver sulfadiazene. I'd asked my vet both times I was there is there's something I should put on the wounds...
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    Chameleon Skin Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)

    Update on Pablo and a question: So Pablo had all three masses removed about a month ago. 2/3 excision spots are healing pretty reasonably. The third spot is being difficult. Twice now I've had to take Pablo back to the vet because the sutures have pulled through his skin and left a pretty big...
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    Annual Vet Expenses

    I'm at right about the $1000 mark this year with Pablo's skin cancer.
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    pin worms in panther

    My first thought was also sperm plugs. Yak, mature male chams flush out their reproductive system while defecating. What comes out is two nasty looking chunks of unused sperm. This thread shows it perfectly in the last two pics...
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    Mulberry Leaves

    Interesting. I'm curious why you blanch them to begin with? Better for freezing? I sometimes get some silkies from a local petstore and the staff gives me a handful of fresh leaves which the silkies seem to enjoy (to say the least). I freeze other kinds of leaves raw (kafir lime leaves for...
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    Mister/Fog machine

    Typically incandescent lights are used to create warm basking zones in your cage. On the left side towards the bottom of the forum are links to care sheets and specifics about lighting/heat. Lots of info there related to your questions.
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