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  1. Teal'c how we normally see her :) on her first day of real sunshine

    Teal'c how we normally see her :) on her first day of real sunshine

  2. Silhouetted against the sky

    Silhouetted against the sky

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    Happy Birthday Carol!

    Wishing you a very happy birthday :) - John
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    See ya soon lad

    "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" ZZZZZZZZZZZZAP :D
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    Do butterworms nip

    ### In my bad Australian accent ### Now you gotta be caaareful, one of these lil blighters can strip the flesh from your body in seconds. I'm just gonna go grab 'im now! I'm not gonna huuurt ya, lil fella! ######################### Sorry for freaking you out, Kate :). As Angie said...
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    Chameleon Photos From Yesterday

    Wonderful shots, Jann! They are all so beautiful and happy looking. I hope to have a family as big and beautiful as yours one day :)
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    My Parents Don't Trust Me!!! HELP!!!

    ShaunaRoxanne, Sandrachameleon and Elizadolots have said it very well, indeed. Present them with a well considered, well thought out proposal. If they still say no, just accept it and bide your time. You won't be living with them forever!!
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    Yemen macro shots

    Stunning photography!!!! Thank you for sharing :) I especially love the second pic
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    Do butterworms nip

    Silkworms do it too! You can see their little mandibles going "om nom nom" :D
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    Senegal Care Guide

    No, not really a care sheet, but probably the most info I've found. I'll have another look around and reply if I find more. EDIT: There is a section on that link titled "Captive Maintenance". It does give temperatures and cage sizes.
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    Karma is gone..

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. RIP Karma
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    Georgie's Not Well

    A few things (bare in mind I'm not nearly as experienced as others who have commented): 1) I would suggest you improve on her feeders. Mealworms have a very bad Calcium:Phosphorus ratio and a very hard exo-skeleton which make them hard to digest. Wax worms aren't very nutritious either (poor...
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    Senegal Care Guide

    All I've found on Senegals is this so far: link Hope this helps a little. Info does seem very sparse!
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    Building a tree...

    Very interesting! I look forward to seeing it progress :)
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