Update on Chamlie

It’s been too long and boy how Chamlie has grown. She definitely shows us her personality and she is definitely a desert chameleon, she gets so upset when it’s not hot hot in her cage and she just loves the heat. I have been working on getting more in her home like the other plant and continue to adjust things based on her actions. We recently went out of town and I know she missed my good feeding lol I am always keeping my eyes on her, I feed her more right away since I work from home once she’s is all done. She went back to the two times a day feeding while I was gone and she Was not my Colorful happy camper but she did just fine with my mother and bother in-law watching her.

She has moved to med/large Crikets being gut loaded with spinach, strawberries, blueberries and apples. Same for Dubai roaches, stared a collection of these bad boys for her here at home...

Still will not come to me but she will not fuse at me for trying she just looks at me like your crazy lady... you got food or what


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