Adjusting to a friendly Chamlie the Chameleon

All Time fly’s when you’re having fun! Within the last month Camille has really come out of her shell, she has taken three showers in the sink ( don’t worry we traded the water ). We have gotten her out of her cage more than two hands Can count; she has even trusted me to take her outside on one of my hats. she enjoys having some free range time in our bedroom but she mostly likes to stay on top of the curtain rod watching everybody else. Also recently added some horned worms to her diet and she is in love. She is pretty keen on letting me know what she wants and she makes it clear when she does not want anyone near or messing with her.
We recently had a little bit of a scare........
I noticed her being off by sleeping a little bit through the day and just looking not to well: so I took a fecal matter to the vet. We had it tested for parasites: everything came back good and Healthy, I was worried because she had taken in two wild flies on her trip outside the day before. (They are full of nasty things especially being wilds ) Nevertheless everything was fine and she’s perfectly back to being her normal self.
It makes me happy inside knowing that she’s comfortable coming to me and knowing that she safe here on this house especially with five pit bulls. She hisses at them once in a while when she sees them outside with her or near her cage but they don’t pay much mind to her unless she’s moving around a lot, making noises early in the morning when they are sleeping lol they all just blend really well together to far!
I’ve started colonies of crickets and Dubai and they are flourishing really well the only thing is I’ve noticed that she has not been to interested in those but more into new foods but that’s normal with anything.
Haven’t seen her mess with her laying bin yet but I’ve moved it around hopefully she will take interest soon I would hate for her to become egg bound. As you can she she has grown soo much since we got her: might be looking into getting a larger home sooner then later.
Keep coming for more updates on this beautiful creature


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