Day 5

Today Chamlie actually ate some worms! She was all over cage exploring looking for the crickets, this is the only time she is truly happy. No cal worms just not her style until this morning I think she was starving but she is eatting crickets like crazy. I know she’s growing so I’m doing my best to give her variety to help build her up.
She does not want to come out of her home nor anything to do with me... I think I will have to force her out on Friday to do a deep cleaning on her home... oh well I have to do it; any suggestions on this or how should I go about this ?

Working on getting her used to me in general has gotten better she jus does not want me to hold her. She stays green when I open the door to put food but if she doesn’t see the food she’s gone and starts changing colors...
I’m so sadden by this.
She has been coming around to the dogs really well, when they come In she eats and moves around she seems more comfortably with them then she does with us; this is probably because they aren’t taking care of her like we are lol . No focus on her at all...
I’m general Can I move to med or large crickets yet with a rule of thumb no bigger then her head: I just feel if she ate bigger food she would fill up faster... any thoughts


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