Chamlie growing

Chamlie has definitely let her personality shine, she does not like us much unless we have food. She adores the dogs and will go where ever she can in her home to watch the dogs it’s actully quite funny.
I would say her favorite things to do are hang/watch the dogs,eatting and when it’s rainning out side.
She still will not come to us but will at least eat from th dish when we hold it up to her, as well as only really appears to like us when we have food in hand or out for feeding. She is very social when foods our: she’s completely different when it’s feeding time.
She LOVES super worms, crickets and will only eat Dubai roaches when she is starving... nothing else right now matters to her!!! hopefully down the line we can switch it up for her, we put fruit flies in her home and he acts like she will eat them just can not catch but they are smaller and she is bigger: so I will attempt black flys next just the last time we did she was soo scared of it: I would rather wait then force her.

She had almost doubled in size since we brought her home, which is very good but also I am worried she won’t ever come to us because she wouldn’t come she she was little. Sad face: I just keep on working on it and be the positive person Who has the good food.... Chamlie has definitely made it clear who and what she likes, he he.

Recently we were hit with hurricane Rosa remnants showers; she was just about the happiest I have seen her yet colors were blue and purple is my only wish was she had trusted me to take her outside to possibly absorb some natural rain.

As you noticed I will not be posting as much because I will be trying to have a good savory post, still with fun updates and exciting things going on here.
The pictures below are from latest to most recent 9309C342-BD40-4D1C-83E3-AE3E4076CA0E.jpeg


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