Coming on up, with Chamlies home

3rd Day:LOL: was a success as far as getting some new things in Chamlies home. Still not hand feeding and more interested in feeding then anything. She gets sad when she eats all 9 small crickets so I gave her four more and that seemed to peel her right up. I got one of her two plants placed in her cage along with threes sticks and her laying bin. Which I did catch her laying above it for a bit! Glad I made that move - picture below.
I also plan on adding some fake Ivy, and possibly rearranging some other items to make the best of her home.
I :rolleyes: moved her to the sunlight today while She was in cage :love::love: and she seemed to really enjoy it!
I’am thankful for Chamlie coming into our home. She is teaching us and making us grow together all at the same time.


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