Chamlie’s Home Coming

Our 1st day together was a little bit of a rough one only while she was at the petstore, which she did not want leave for the life of her!
Literally took us three Days :p:cool:
*I’ll explain below*
:unsure: 1st day we went to get it was to late and we had nothing set up.
:oops: 2nd day we went but she started shedding so we decided not to bring her home :confused::( .
:LOL: 3rd day was a charm lol that is when we got her home!

:eek: (she was being housed with a little larger female chameleon, so I think she was getting bullied, so Hopefully that was the majority of the Issue :notworthy:)

:love: She is adjusting well, kinda scared of the dogs and of us moving but she still is showing off.
She changed colors right away and appears to happy.
:D She ate a total of 6 crickets within the first night, so I think she catching up for possible missed meals lol. We might stick to coated crickets for another two days and then try switching it up. Looking forward to trying roaches and mealworms soon, (y) variety never hurt anyone.

She let me know when she was ready for bed last night it was cutest thing, just went over to the side of her home, curled up her tail and went to sleep. I knew to turn the light off, and did one last spraying. I seemed more curious about her then she did of me lol, just kept checking the temperature and humidity gage. #worrywort alert lol I’d rather be safe then sorry especially when it comes to Chamlie!


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