Zoophobas Morio Beetle


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The superworm beetle.

I am starting a small breeding project with 17 superworms just as an experiment to see if I am capable. Plus I want to save the 6$ on the 25 superworms I usually buy so I can just spend money on egg cartons and oatmeal and potato skins instead.

What I want to say is that when they are transformed, and have laid their eggs in the substrate, they will become useless to me.

UNLESS I can feed them as a beetle to the cham.

Does anyone know if feeding the superworm beetle versus the superworm does any harm? I just want to know if I can feed the retired breeder beetles when I'm done with them.

Lukie Pookie

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My first veiled chameleon Boba loved them!! I put one in his cage and he moved faster then when he would go for a silkie!! It really surprised me. I think the only thing to be weary of is the hard shell.
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