Yemen vs. Finland: Suburban winter

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by Xepera, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Xepera

    Xepera New Member


    Fourty centimeters of snow on the windowsill somewhere in the heart of suburbia. Both of us just stared... How many of these postcard sceneries can we still experience before the climate change takes them away for good?

  2. Shima

    Shima New Member

    So cute :)

    Looks really cool the green and the white. makes your cham stand out more :D
  3. Ricardo

    Ricardo New Member

    What a huge casque! Looking great! :D
  4. Itwas

    Itwas New Member

    cool pics, that casque is huge.
  5. dreamforthedead

    dreamforthedead New Member

    Awww looks so pretty, the snow has nearly all melted here thankfully but more to come this week. :(
  6. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    holy cow, that is one gigantic casque!! He is very pretty!!
  7. Xepera

    Xepera New Member

    True, he's barely 10 months old (16-17 centimeters ntv) and we already had to move the basking branch lower because his casque touched the wire mesh top. :D
  8. Amanda1801

    Amanda1801 New Member

    how the hell did his casque end up so big?!
  9. Xepera

    Xepera New Member

    Wish I'd know! My little freak... :p

    (the first pic is realistic but the camera angle on the second of course adds a little)
  10. Texas Panther Man

    Texas Panther Man New Member

    Thats an awesome calyptratus you have. He looks like he's going to be huuge when he's done filling out.
  11. Oski

    Oski New Member

    Cool Pictures, Love the contrast between the snow and the bright Veiled.:)
  12. ilovechameleons

    ilovechameleons New Member

    Great Pics! We're expecting snow this weekend. I can't wait!
  13. Hoj

    Hoj Friendly Grasshopper

    know how u, feel looking out the window at about 40cm myself took my little guy over to the window for sum rays and he just started out at all the snow. cant wait for summer so we can outside and enjoy
  14. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    I have the same issue. I worry about how the weather affects my chameleons. My weather here is awful for pretty much 5 months a year. I do try to keep their lives and environment as "normal" as I can, but none of us can copy nature.
  15. Xepera

    Xepera New Member

    Same here. I try to give him everything he needs and seems to want, but feel quilty anyway for keeping this lovely creature in captivity in such unnatural habitat.
  16. jdmjames

    jdmjames New Member

    wow! i hope mine looks that nice when he gets older.
  17. HecticZ

    HecticZ New Member

    Holy Casque I bet he has no problems getting any of the ladies.
  18. Xepera

    Xepera New Member

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