Would you eat a chameleon?

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It's working so far. I eat mostly vegetables and fruits, a lot of tofu products and vegan food. Indian food is great if you are vegetarian/vegan. I could live in Trader Joes. ha ha
Well thats different:rolleyes:

Im sure you are aware then, that simple leaves and fruit will not allow you to last long.:p


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using the survival tactics learned from mykel hawke, cody ludin, and dave canterbury..i wouldnt need to eat chams unless thats all that was there..ied set up snares, fish, hell even pine needle tea has about 200 calories on its own..:D


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under high pressure ,starving , the thought of death knocking at the door , life in in balance , i think that even somebody that says " hell no " will for sure change their mind in a bad scenario of survival and do things that in normal days will consider immoral or not suited for their character ! so yes aprox 99.9% will eat a panther chameleon face to face to death


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Id rather eat my neighbor. seriously lol . Hypothetical questions can't nearly be a serious answer. Since you aren't faced in that circumstance. Id probably say right now I wouldn't drink piss but in the end I bet 9/10 people would. Just my 2nd thoughts on this.


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If there are sufficient insects to keep a population of Chameleons alive you would be better served (Caloric wise) to set up insect traps and eat them directly.

Chameleon hunting would be difficult. They are hard to spot, often too high to reach safely and really can't be baited. You would expend significant energy for little reward. You should be able to turn over a rock, examine trees, and just look around to quickly collect a large amount of insect calories. Plus insects advertise when they are poison to eat!

When it really comes down to it survival in any place that supports most Chameleon populations shouldn't be super difficult as far as getting calories is concerned.


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In an actual survival situation on a south pacific island you wouldnt have to eat a chameleon. I would make a solid attempt to fish because it doesn't take much energy to fish, and many fish can be eaten raw, without a fire. Saving/stocking up energy would be my #1 priority, even above being found (how can you be found if you're unconscious on an island?).

On top of that, an island that was inhabited by chameleons would be plentiful with life, so eating chameleons wouldnt even be necessary. I wouldn't go after wild boars because I dont know buck all about how to hunt, so I would waste a lot energy trying and failing.

To directly answer your question though, if I absolutely had to in order to survive, yes I would spit that sucker over a fire in a heartbeat.


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Im shure i could find someother animal to eat, but heck yeah i would if i got hungry enough. i love animals but im not going to let myself die for a lizzard. they really arnt big enough to bother with tho. id be hunting in the waters of the island getting lil sharks and fish to eat. and i love raw fish so i wuddnt even need a fire :p

oh and im assumeing theres other suviors ect+ supplies and food that survived the crash aswell. if we were on madagascar people would find us and the missing expensive plane.
You crashed in the South Pacific, with no survivors Okiroo! Follow the rules... ;)


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This is what I'd do: first I'd make this trap us branches and string(I'd look around the wreckage for some and if I couldn't find some I'd weave dry grass together.) this trap can catch pretty much catch any small mammal including a small boar! If I didn't catch anything I'd then I'd fall to the Indian fish trap using just(its just bunch of sticks in the ground. If I still didnt catch anything(which Is unlikely) I'd go for fruit. If I couldn't find some I'd only go for a Cham as a last resort!

find how to make these traps go on YouTube and search : the ultimate squirrel trap

And: how to make an Indian fish trap (ps it's the one with the sticks in the ground.):cool:


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I don't know, I have been a vegetarian for like 12 years. I would have a really hard time eating a chameleon for that reason alone. That said, if I was hungry enough, and all there was in sight was me an a chameleon, I think it would be a BBQ lizard night!

(I would feel very bad about it later though... then after being rescued I would go back to being a vegetarian and would never tell anyone I ate a lizard... Got a reputation to uphold afterall!)
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