Would a bird cage be a viable option for housing a chameleon?


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First, I'm not necessarily considering this, but I was hunting for reptile enclosures on craigslist (just looked up "cage") and kept scrolling past so many bird cages. I imagine the bars would be close enough that an adult chameleon wouldn't escape. Does it come down to humidity? Is there a specific reason why a sizable bird cage couldn't be used to house a large adult chameleon?


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I don’t see why not besides the fact that feeders could get out easily. However a ReptiBreeze will be equal in price if not cheaper than a bird cage.


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I see no reason why you couldn't use a bird cage. If it's big enough and you are ok with some feeders escaping then go for it!


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I've retrofitted large parrot cages for chams in a pinch. The biggest problem is attaching fine screen mesh to the frame/bars in a way that looks nice. Also, there is usually a fairly large gap between the cage frame and the door, cage frame and the bottom tray making it easier for loose feeders to escape. If you are handy you can certainly use one if you get it cheaply.
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