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I want to add more insects into Dingo's diet (chameleon) aside from the meal, super, and crickets (and occasion wax and butters) I have going for him now. Just having those 3 insects aren't good enough for me or him, but I can't seem to find anywhere in Calgary (or will ship to Canada...) that has more variety.

Anyone know where I can get more different kinds of buggies that will ship to Canada and I won't require a permit? like silks, horned, etc, that I can look into buying in bulk that aren't going to leave my wallet all butthurt?

I was thinking about some flightless fruit flies, but there's two issues I see:
1) they're too small for him and won't be of any nutritional value because they're so small compared to him
2) I already have tons of crickets loose in my house, I don't need flies added to that list.


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I would say to check with Jimturner on the forum. He also lives in Calgary, so he might be able to help you. I am in the US and am no help at all.

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Try the classifieds on here or just the sponsors for hornworms and silkies. You'll be surprised about what you can find there.
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