Worming dosages


My female F.pardalis has a round worm so she went to the vet today and she gave me the following meds: Dosed per 50g animal wt.

Panacure 50mg/ml give 0.1ml
Flagyl 50mg/ml give 0.1 ml

With instructions to repeat in 2 weeks @ 0.5ml panacure and 0.1ml flagyl

Any thoughts?
I want to double check this before giving to my males as a preventive measure.


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Did the vet tell you to give it to your male too? If not, I would check with the vet before worming the male. Unless wild caught, there isn't a preventative schedule or reason to worm unless directed by a vet or if you are very experienced in doing your own fecal floats.


The male was a LTC and the female was captive born there. She has worms and is not looking good. He looks great as does my CBB juvenile male. They've had no contact with one another. I was told by the breeder as well as my vet it would not hurt to worm once a year and because she has them it might be wise.


Great - then do as your vet recommends! Hope your female feels better soon!
Thank you it hit her hard right after laying... She's still drinking but not eating and today she's been very still. But it's stressful going to the vet anyway. She had a soak in warmed R.O.with some mineral dust dissolved into it. The vet and I thought that would infuse some water and electrolytes thru cloacal sucking.
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