I have to get it right this time. Suggestions please.

I have Repti rain but also use dripper to give more chances to drink if you can see what temp is at highest point of basking
Just an obvious pattern of coccidia from a breeder during a certain time frame speaks a lot. Even if most reviews are positive, coccidia is not a headache that most people want or have the time to go through. I hope you don’t have to deal with it. I’m not trying to rude at all, but at this point I think I’d suggest petco/pet smart over flchams. Not criticizing you for your purchase either, normally I think the same way about bad reviews(people usually only post the negative). In this case it’s more like Russian roulette.

So with that said, definitely keep an eye on him and get fecal exams(sometimes one won’t show and you have to wait a few weeks after). If you’re good with/have a microscope you can do it yourself and save some money over long run. Look for the little circles like the name implies, probably plenty of slides on google.

Chances are you’ll be fine, not saying it’s guaranteed. Just a heads up.
Well that’s convenient because I just so happen to work in a lab 🙂
Congradulations on your new baby! Now call the breeder and get the date of birth also Id ask for pics of the parents too. Also ask about what kind of drinking system they had set up and feeding schedule. i just raised one from 3 months and he is now 9 months. One thing i recommend is getting a large clear cup and have a stick coming out of it. Wedge it in somewhere that is at least half way up or higher in the cage and dust your small crickets in one cup then dump them into the cup that is wedged. The crickets will climb up the stick and Ameer can climb up it too in case he fallls in. Eventually they will hang out near the heat lamp. Also chams wont drink standing water so u can poke a pinhole in another cup and place it somewhere up high in the cage so it dips onto leaves or a stick. Also chams tongues are unbelievably strong. If feeding bowls go flying then glue them to heavy flat rocks. Chams are tree dwellers and they want to be high up in foligage tthey will rarely go on the bottom of the cage unless its a small cage. you need a big leaf plant. I prefer swiss cheese plants as they are very hardy and the stalks are strong and wont break and i can keep them in pots that arent too big and elevate them so he can get shade in different levels. Now your soil. Make sure there in no pearl lite in the soil . if you cham grabs a feeder and takes a piece of pearl lite with it you are going to have digestion issues. so put a good organic top soil on the top two inches of each plant to be on the safe side. Stsy away from miricle grow as many people complain of tiny black bugs hatching. let me see if i have apic of the top partof my cage so u can see what i mean. if you look on the right u sill see my crickets cup. Oh i have a couple pieces of pine which i sealed with 4 coats of sealant.


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