wierd feces


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my batteries are charging to post some pics. my panther the last few days has been defecating normal color feces with white urates but his feces has a lot of bubbles around it and i also noticed a bunch of bubbles around his vent while defecating.
Is the color lighter or mucousy? That may be a problem. How is your cham getting heat?
not lighter (its dark brown), some what mucousy, a lot of bubbles. he is getting heat from a 75 watt house bulb. temps right at 90-92 basking - 71-73 floor ambient. atm he is not acting out of normal. colors are great, drinking like usual, eatting great and moving about the cage like he normally does.

id like to research....what are you suggesting possible problems to be?

personally i think it has to do with maybe a inflammation of the intestines. not agreeing with a particular feeder.
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