Who Should Be The Daddy? Hunter? or Bane?

Who Should Be The Daddy?

  • Bane

  • Hunter

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You can’t go wrong with either boy. If my life depended on choosing one, I’d go with Hunter…I like that he has so much yellow.… :unsure: but I also like that Bane has more lovely teal dots….:unsure: Isn’t there any way to let Gamora choose her beau?

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I keep changing my mind! Could you put me down for both?! 🤣 Also, I know it's early, but I'd be really interested in a baby from this clutch!

I’ll send you a could eggs to hatch. 😍

Voted goooooo Hunter


I don’t think I know how to vote! 🙈 I’m kinda new here! 😊

I’m glad you got help to vote!

No problem! At the top of this thread, right under the title, there's a poll, then you click vote and choose one, then click cast vote! Welcome on here, by the way!

Thank you Emily!

Oh man the vote is close 😯

It sure is! We need more votes.

I made a decision and cast a vote for Hunter, but let it be known that I think Bane is just as wonderful and deserving of a pretty girlfriend.

Thank you for voting!

Thank you so much! And thanks again, I really love the forum, everyone is great!

I love it here, too!


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Come on Hunter. I love his colors

I love Hunter and Bane! They are both such sweet veiled boys!

Oh geez! I don't have a good incubator right now, and it could be another year to year and a half, or more, before it comes in!

You don’t need an incubator. I just use the closet method for veiled and panther eggs.

Come on let's get those votes 😊

Yes! Everyone get your votes in!


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You don’t need an incubator. I just use the closet method for veiled and panther eggs.
My house stays too cold for that method, plus I'll be moving anywhere from one to three times within the next year. It's not meant to be this time! 😭
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