Who Should Be The Daddy? Hunter? or Bane?

Who Should Be The Daddy?

  • Bane

  • Hunter

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We got some new photos of Gamora and she is so pretty, I definitely want to breed. I have two handsome brothers Hunter and Bane. Please help me decide who should be the daddy.







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I’m not sure how to make a poll but here’s a few more photos of the boys.








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Was Gamora given proper husbandry before coming to you and passed a clutch without any problems? Does she have a clean bill of health, as well? While both males are stunning, Hunter catches my eye more!


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Both are so handsome. Eenie meanie miney mo...

Thanks Jillian! That’s what I’m going to have to do.

I think we need more photos of the potential suitors. You can try adding a poll.

I added some phone pictures but will get the Nikon out today. Unfortunately, I don’t k kw how to add a poll.

It's a tough decision. The bold black and yellow make me lean slightly toward Hunter. But Bane's blues are so unique. So....... I can't decide 🤷

It’s tough. I love them both so much.

I love the blue, my boy only gets a light blue in stripes and never on the head. Hard to pick both great looking

Thank you! It’s a hard decision.

I wonder which one Gamora would vote for?
Don't show them to her though until the day you're ready to mate her with one. You don't want to jumpstart her reproductions!

She is receptive now and I believe she would go with either one of them. 😁 I’ll wait a day or two to allow her to see the boys, when we are ready to mate.

There is definitely a difference between the two but I like them both equally. Thanks for sharing the photos. I don't think you can go wrong either way. Does one appear more friendly?

Both boys are really sweet and friendly.

Was Gamora given proper husbandry before coming to you and passed a clutch without any problems? Does she have a clean bill of health, as well? While both males are stunning, Hunter catches my eye more!

Gamora did have correct husbandry and came form a good home. The only problem she’s had was a burn on her side about a year ago and that has healed over well. She is two years old and never laid a clutch.

Very tough decision!!! I’m going team Bane!

Thank you for your vote.

Twilight all over again team bane or team hunter . I'm for hunter

Thank you for your vote!

Both Bane and Hunter are very handsome, so hard to choose on that. Does one of them have a bit of a better personality than the other?

Both have an awesome personality. Hunter might show a bit more personality that Bane. As soon as you walk in his room, he comes over and wants off his tree and Bane not so much.

I vote for both. One clutch with each. 🥰

I can only mate once.

With voting like that you’ll have to give a couple of the babies a home. ;)

I agree with that! I’m actually going to sale eggs, and try to get the clutch size down to a size I can handle. If the Lacy Act Amendment passes, I want be able to ship babies or deliver babies outside of my state. 😢

Than, you for your vote. How’s Mushu?

🥰 I wish! Maybe in a few years hahaha

I’ll send you an egg or two and you can hatch your own baby next summer.

I say Hunter!

Thank you for your vote!
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