Who has the oldest Chameleon??


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To all Viewers who currently have senior Chameleons, please post their age and species!

Would be interesting to see who wins and currently owns the oldest Chameleon on this forum!

I have Louis, Veiled chameleon that I have owned for 6 years this May and he is aged approx 6 1/2 years old...:)
I have a male panther who is turning 8 years in a few months....we call him
"Old Man".....and I have held him all his life.....
In fact he has gotten "weekly" massages for the last 4 years in which he falls asleep. Prefers to be out of his cage and likes his walks with me in the woods. Very unusual I know!! You can see by his pic he is still hanging in there, fat and wrinkled.


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In fact he has gotten "weekly" massages for the last 4 years in which he falls asleep. Prefers to be out of his cage and likes his walks with me in the woods. Very unusual I know!!
Wow, that is amazing, he actually likes to be massaged, what part of his body do you massage? That is so unique.
I used to do massages...I rub him with one finger all along his jaw and up the side of his head, then along the side of his back...he does not like the top of his back touched where the little "teeth" are....he makes a little twist move when I do that. I do it real slow and easy...kinda like they do to crocodiles to get them to fall asleep.???
I also have a veiled male that is 2 years old and loves his rubs too. Some of my other guys would rather be left alone...it depends on the cham...
Try it!! It has not shortened their lives in the least!!
I have a WC that I estimate to be at least six. Hes been in captivity for 4 years or so and was already a big boy.

Years ago:

When he came into my care:

And now much better:
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I am not saying that your chams doesn’t like the rub downs – maybe it does, but I do want to point out that some things are better off left unsaid. There are quite a few knuckle heads with chameleons and they will read this and think that their chams would enjoy this treatment as well and we all know that’s not entirely true. Not trying to be negative just trying to remind everyone here about the “other” keepers.

Yes..I totally understand that all chams are not the same. Nothing is the same...we are ALL different and so is everything that is alive.
Only 2 of mine seem to tolerate it and all the others would rather be left alone!! I agree, some things are better left unsaid...but it is hard because they are soooooooooooooo adorable!!!

I keep:

Panther (Nosy Be'): approaching 3 yrs old. Purchased 9-2004
Timid (Veiled) : ~4-5 yrs old. Adopted 3/2005
Grandpa (Veiled): ~6-7 yrs old. Adopted 3/2005
I notice a few 5 month olds on here. So is mine. Wonder if any are siblings to mine? I got him from a distributor in Florida. He came in my mail as a birthday present from my best friiend.
i think i must have the youngest my veiled is only 4 months and looking very good

There is no way you have the younges on here, there are lots of people with hatchlings on here, the only reason they are not putting up the age of their young chameleons is because the name of this thread is " Who has the oldest Chameleon??" not "how old is your chameleon" or "who has the younges".
dis is true, but it could have been stated a little nicer.

I agree with Titan, you could have been a little nicer.
It is all in how you interpret it, there is nothing wrong with what I wrote, I am just saying that some have misinterpret the title of this thread so that is why they think they have the youngest chameleon here, if you think I was not nice well that is your opinion, I am stating a fact and I am not the one who is being rude.
Haha, jeezzzz. You really dooo have to sugar coat what you say for the newest batch of members! You even have to cugar coat things that you can't really, well... sugar coat.
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