Chameleon with RI : need advice please

hello everyone

I currently am treating a one year old male chameleon that has an RI. He is currently on injections of Ceftazidime, had his third dose today. I noticed today his coughing has lessened and his mouth gaping has lessened, but today one of his eyes looks a little sunken in. The left one is fine but the right one, the side he got his injection on today, is slightly different.

two days ago he had a big misting session once the day cooled off. he drank and drank and drank and drank for a solid 5 minutes straight, then he started coughing up the slimy saliva. i think it was a good things, he seemed to have gotten a lot of it out of his chest, I helped him along the way. That being said, hydration shouldnt be a problem, he is always well hydrated.

is this a result of the medicine, do i need to be misting a little more often when the temp gets cool in the evening before bed. i have a feeling it is medication related but wanted some advice before i go changing around situations and environment or getting myself into a panic.

since he was diagnosed i have changed the enviornment up a bit. I brought the humidity down during the day, i stopped misting during the day in the heat, I close the curtains to the windows and make sure there is low and slow circulation from the fan on the floor (its small).

he isnt interested in food right now. he is taking the medication IM and taking it well. Third dose out of ten was today.

Thank you to everyone who responds.
Most antibiotics can be hard on the kidneys, so it’s always a good idea to offer additional hydration. Are you fogging at night? If your night temps are consistently below 68-70, add a fogger or cool mist humidifier to simulate natural hydration thru fog.
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