What's wrong with her tail?


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Just noticed this today on my baby doll. Not sure what it is but it doesn't look good. The tip of her tail is blackish and just kind of there. She doesn't seem to be moving it, that part the rest seems fine. Here are some pictures. Thanks!
There is another thread going about a blackened tail. I posted on there because I had a chameleon that had one. My chameleon could however, move and curl his tail and hang and grip with it. Is it possible you could have closed it in the door or something and not realized?. They will bruise if it gets injured. Your pictures are not really a close up. If the tail becomes hard looking then I would seek a vet as it may be becoming necrotic. Just keep a close eye out to make sure it is not spreading up the tail.
Oh, didn't see that. I don't recall shutting it in the door. Though the other day some of the vines I have for her fell with her on it. Maybe it happened from that. I couldn't really get a close up since she didn't want anything to do with me. I had to wake her up to get her out and she didn't like that at all but this has me worried. Thanks!
I actually DID c lose my chams tail in the door. Did not even know it until I saw him trying to move but not being able to. It freaked me out and his tail turned black on the end. I thought it was going to fall off but thankfully it did not! It stayed like that for about 4 days and gradually the color returned. As far as the blackness on my cham's tail that I posted about in the other thread, my vet seemed to think it was of neurological nature and thought he was lacking bloodflow to the bottom of the tail. It was never confirmed but just a theory of his. Hopefully in days to come, your chams tail will go back to normal. Like I said, if the tissue becomes hardened looking like it is going to fall off, then get her to a vet. Good luck!
I've heard of tail rot in bearded dragons and actually seen it. Pretty much it can come from a pinch of some sort. Examples are getting it closed in a door or crushed by decor or even if the shedding is to tight and cuts it off. It's pretty much a cut off of blood circulation, and it goes dead below the cut off point.

The bearded dragon I saw have it had his tail shrivel up about an inch and a half and that part fell off. It stubbed off and healed.

I'm not saying you have that, but just thought I'd share the info.
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