what the heck is this....

im faster

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ok so looks like a green silk worm... lol.. or a huge inch worm its probly almost 2 inches long... found it crawling on a snail in a bush while i looked for nalu... maybe a new food...

that is a carnivorous ( YES I SAID CARNIVOROUS) Caterpillar........... If u in Hawaii.... Hawaii is famous for their carnivorous caterpilllar!!! I wonder if it will bite the chameleon (predator being preyed by its prey :D )
That is cool in a wierd sort of way. Lol. Well if its a good feeder then you guys in hawaii are lucky. I live in the city, all insects here are not to be trusted (Could have been exposed to pesticides).
ok so good and bad....

good the new nalu LOVED it barly put it in the cage andhe ate it...

RARE find.. scientists come here for weeks and sometimes dont find them.. haha.. oh well ill keep looking..
Tomato Worms are offered as Hornworms in the reptile market.

They are NOT to be given UNLESS they come from a source that has raised them on special diets. The food they eat in the wild is usually fairly high in toxicity and high enough that it has been said to be able to kill chameleons.
It's a looper...

Loopers get thier name from the looping motion they make when walking. There are a few different kinds. Did you find it on a hibiscus? I find cotton loopers(Anomis flava), on my hibiscus all the time in Florida. It could also be a hibiscus looper(Anomis mesogona), but I don't think they are found in the continental US. If you know the bushes were not exposed to any chemicals your chams will love them(mine do). They are probably very nutritious too since hibiscus leaves are very high in calcium. The caterpillars will fold a leaf in half and sew it together with silk and pupate inside, they turn into small moths.
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