What Is This Black Spot On My Veiled?


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There is a small black mark on the one side of my male veiled chameleon. Noticed it a few days ago. Can anyone help me out with what it is?





Other Side (normal):
It sort of looks like a bruise. Has he fallen at all? It could also be a burn from your lights. How far from the lighting is it's basking spot?
I haven't seen him fall at all but he easily could have while I'm not home. My basking branch is about 4-5 inches below the top in the cage.
are you using a spot light type of bulb for basking? although it doesnt look like a burn to me. i would watch it for a few days. if it gets larger or spreads to other places maybe fungus. honestly to me it looks like minor trauma to the skin. he will be fine if it is.

edit: does he have the same type of spot but smaller above his shoulder also?
basking temps? do you notice this is the side the cham usually basks from? does the light rest on the screen? pics of the set up would help...if the spots get bigger and spread after you do what i propose next you will need vet assistance. next if it is a burn reevaluate your temps and ditch the spot lamp for a normal house bulb. if it is a bruise it will heal in time.
It looks like a burn. If you can take it to the vet, the vet will prescribe topical Silvadene 1% cream to help heal the burn and prevent secondary infection. When I ordered my terramycin 2-3 years ago, I noticed they also sold Silvadene without requiring a prescription. Try searching online if you could find a website that doesn't require a prescription.
Looks like the group has covered the spot well. Could I ask a different question? You do understand that your cat is a natural predator of a chameleon don't you? That veiled must be scared to death close to your cat. Just a word of warning.
I am using a 75w Zoo Med basking spot lamp.

I prefer to use FLOOD vs. SPOT lamps for basking and general lighting. The "spot" design inherently concentrates the light and heat into a tighter beam than is optimal for overall chameleon body basking. This can sometimes lead to a chameleon developing a burn at one spot while trying to heat the entire body up to operating temp. I prefer to use an indoor style (not the heavier, thick glass, outdoor style) 60W BR30 halogen (halogen lamps more efficiently produce a whiter spectrum of light) flood lamp just like those made by Philips and GE etc. found at places like Home Depot ($4.97 yesterday!) and many other locations where household lighting is sold. Be sure to place it such that the light is aiming downward (not sideways) over the basking spot probably in the range of 10"-14" making sure that the heat at that position only feels slightly warm to the back of your hand after holding it there for 1-2 minutes. Additionally, you can use a simple infrared ($20-$45) temp gun to check your chameleon's skin temp, making sure that it is in range of 85F-95F or whatever you've chosen to be the basking temp.

Note that higher wattages are ok but will likely need to be positioned farther away from the basking spot.

Indoor BR30 Halogen Flood Lights:



Temp guns should have a distance:spot ratio of 6:1 or more for ease of use.

Temp Guns:



Alright I am going right now to get the flood light you recommended and im going to call my vet tomorrow when they open. Can i put neosporin on it for now until i get the Silvadene Cream? Thanks guys I really appreciate the help!

Pic of Current set up with 75W Zoo Med basking light:
I just got the 60w BR30 flood light and got it on the cage.

Pics of new light and set up:

Is this too close to the light? And look at the mark it is not nearly as dark as it was when i took the other pics the other day. Lemme know what you guys think!

...Is this too close to the light?

And look at the mark it is not nearly as dark as it was when i took the other pics the other day...

Stick the back of your hand at the same position that your chameleon would be when basking and if it only feels slightly warm, even after 2 minutes, then the lamp is probably at a safe distance. For a 60W halogen flood, usually around 10"-14" is in the proper range, but always do the "hand sanity check" just to be sure :eek:. And don't forget to add one of those infrared temp sensors to your gadget list :). It's a great way to verify that your chameleon is at their safe operating temp.

As for the spot that may be a burn; if it is fading then you may not have to take any further action. If it begins to show a blister or becomes moist or the skin shows any other signs of damage then you may want to visit the vet and get some silvadene cream. If you happen to be in the SoCal area, a number of us SBCK members keep a supply of it on hand to share in circumstances like this :).
Ok Ill do the hand check...i might have to raise the ballast a little. Can I put neosporin on the spot to see if it will go away? Thanks!
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