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What is more effecient for a chameleon, a water bowl, or a drip system? I would like to know because my chameleon seems real skinny and brown, but hes been eating like pig. And if I do have a water bowl should I still mist his tank? He drinks out of it fine.
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Water bowls are a big no no. Chams wont drink out of them, and bacteria usually grows in them since Chams also like to go to the bathroom in the water. Its best to spray the cage a few times a day, and have a dripper going aswell. Also if hes in a aquarium, its best to get him in a cage asap. If hes brown, he could be stressed due to looking at his reflection all day from the aquarium, or he cold be too cold and is trying to absorb more heat. Is his eyes sunken in? What are the temps?
Thanks drake, your post is much appreceated, I'll start spraying his tank 3 times a day, His cage has glass sides and a big screen door, so maybe if I put some green vinelike paper on the outside it'll help, thanks again
Hi Cam,

You didn't mention what type of chameleon you have... It makes a difference in order to discuss the coloring of your chameleon. Plus, as Drake said.... all chameleons, with an exception of very few (i.e. leaf/pygmy chameleons) should be in an all screened cage - no glass.

Additionally, chameleons drink off of leaves, not out of bowls. You either need a good drip system and/or give him frequent mistings throughout the day - enough misting for the water to be showing on the leaves at least 30 minutes after a mist. This gives him time to wander around and drink the available water on the leaves, plus increases humidity levels for him.

So, what type of chameleon do you have?
Some chameleons, especially veileds, will drink out of bowls. It justisn't worth it to keep one because of the drawbacks. they always crap in them, they become slimy with bacteria in no time, and are just another thing to clean out. Besides, they should be sprayed anyway to clean out their eyes and aid in humidity.

I use bowls for my babies - I put a plastic plant in the bowl, and have a drip system drip into the bowl. It is a good clean way to hydrate them, and avoid a watery mess in the cage. They learn to drink from the bowl, so they have water whenever they want it. I don't use bowls for my adults, as it's FAR more trouble than it's worth.
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i have another question what do u feed ur fruits and veggies in when u feed ur chameleons
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whats a good way to get a drip system going into a bowl without it splashing around the floor of the cage?
If he's an adult, don't bother with a bowl. Just get a dripper (plastic deli cup with a pinhole in it), and have it drip onto the leaves of his plants. some splashes out off the leaves, so I just use oversized plant trays to catch the water. What use is a bowl if you can water your plants while you water your chameleon?

I feed plant matter by hand, except for hibiscus blossoms when they're in a free- roam cage, then they just eat it off the plants themselves.
cam198 said:
would it work as good if i use a mister enstead of a dripper?
In my experience and opinion, no. Misting just doesn't give the cham the ample time and quantity of water they need. You just cannot overwater a chameleon!
Misting is important if you aren't providing ample humidity by use of a humidifier or other means, but for drinking a dripper is best.
Eric is right about them using bowls as toilets, too! My Melleri uses his feeder cups every single day, not to eat from, but to poop in! (It goes without saying the feeder cups are still only there for his convenience, not for his diet! LOL)
thanks for replying thats funny about your chameleon pooing in the feeding cup. you should write on it ''the chameleon can'' what else does ur chameleon do read the paper lol. thanks for the feedback:D
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